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Bravo at the Circus
Season 1, Episode 3
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Stopping at a Circus for relaxation, the gang must try to help a young elephant reunited with his mother.


While being transported to New York, the gang shares a car with fellow refugees, Kairi and Misty and their new friend Mrs. Jumbo. Soon, they discover that Mrs. Jumbo was expecting a baby when the delivery stork arrives. While the other elephants ridiculed the young elephant (named Dumbo) because of his large ears, the gang didn't laugh because they thought his ears looked nice. Soon after, Mrs. Jumbo is locked away as a mad elephant because she attacked a group of young boys.

With the help of his new friends, a mouse named Timothy and a wise old ally, Dumbo was able to free his mother and gain world wide fame. While the gang was ready to move on, the accept Kairi's, Misty's and Rafiki's requests to join them.